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Our focus is to leverage the power of technology in two fields: medical devices and medical technologies. We work to develop various solutions in those fields to innovate and improve the lives of our users and patients. Our team is composed of medical, engineering, and technology professionals. Our goal is to improve patient care delivery while pushing forward disruptive technologies in medical care.

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Our Pipeline

We are currently in the process of engineering and developing the following technologies to bring to market:


A novel automatic injection device developed to increase safety, speed, and ease of use in emergent medical situations.

Patents submitted in key jurisdictions
Prototype under development
Frequently Asked Questions


A medical device designed to improve hypodermic medication delivery systems with a safer and more robust needle. NeedSafe is the safest needle protective and delivery device to be ever developed.

Patent issued/pending in various jurisdictions
Prototype under development
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A connected web and mobile application used for remote patient monitoring to improve patient outcomes and expand upon current clinical capabilities.

Grant submission completed
Seeking alpha development contract
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Our Team

David Kim
David Kim, MD, MSc, DAvMed

David is a recipient of the BC Community Achievement Award for his work in philanthropy, process optimization, and giving back to his community. He joins Difinity with significant experience in leading and executing within the charitable sector as the founder and director of various non-profit organizations. David is currently a resident physician specializing in emergency medicine at the Vancouver General Hospital with sub-specialty interest in Aerospace Medicine and holds a MSc in Aerospace Medicine from King's College London.

Damien Tak
Damien Tak, BSc, CPL

Damien has a Bachelor of Science with Distinction from UBC and has most recently worked as a public servant for the Government of Canada. He has worked in leading and founding roles with a number charities and organizations and is always looking to solve problems. Damien wants to empower those around him and has a passion to change the world on a macro scale.

Nicholas Monfries
Nicholas Monfries, MD

Nicholas is an emergency medicine resident physician at the University of British Columbia and is currently completing his subspecialty training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Calgary. He is passionate about health system innovation and medical leadership, and has served as a leader and representative on several provincial and national medical organizations.

Trevor Skutezky
Trevor Skutezky, MD, MBA, BASc

Trevor is a resident physician specializing in Emergency Medicine at Vancouver General Hospital. He holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from Queen's University and a Master of Business Administration from Ivey Business School. He brings experience in project management, quality improvement, medical research and first hand healthcare knowledge to the Difinity team.

Sunny Johal
Sunny Johal, MD

Sunny is an Emergency Physician in Vancouver, Canada. He has been actively involved as an advisor in the healthcare start-up ecosystem in Canada and the US and is passionate about innovation within the healthcare system. He has previously served as a policy advisor for federal and provincial governments in Canada and has also worked as a representative on medical organization councils.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us by email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list

When did you start your company?
We started our company in 2018.
What have you accomplished so far?
Since starting NeedSafe, we have submitted patents for IP protection and developed a working prototype.

We have submitted patents in various jurisdictions and have developed an alpha prototype with early functionality.

We have submitted grant proposals for research and development.
What is your product roadmap?
We are aiming to have a fully functioning device to undergo testing and manufacturing by the end of Q2 2021. We hope to submit and meet FDA and Health Canada Regulations for our device by the end of Q4 2022.

Our goal is to obtain seed funding to further develop, test, and manufacture our device with the goal of undergoing verification/validation testing for FDA and Health Canada approval.

We are aiming to have NeedSense being tested for data collection and processing in hospitals by the end of Q2 2022.
Who is working fulltime on this?
Damien is commited full time to Difinity Solutions. David commits all of his available time outside of his practice in medicine to this Company. Other team members and various contract engineers are working diligently to support the R&D for Difinity.
How can I invest with Difinity?
We are always looking for value add investors to support our research/development, manufacturing, regulatory, and commercialization endeavors. Please contact us for current investment opportunities.

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